Have you ever met someone you instantly connect with, someone who is on the same wavelength, someone whose life experiences are so similar to your own that it feels like the universe was working hard to ensure you crossed paths?

This is what happened to us!

We met in October 2007 and it was then that we began to understand how uniquely our lives were 'entwined'.  From where we went to school, our mothers birthdays, the fact that we both taught in America at the same time with the same teaching program, but never crossed paths, to sharing a passion for teaching children with disabilities to be their very best self.

We believe that we compliment each other with Sam being calm and confident in her knowledge,  innately understanding “kids” and why they do what they do.  Whilst Jarna is passionate and experienced in inspiring and teaching other professionals, parents and children.   Our knowledge compliments each other with Sam having superior understanding of the areas of Autism education and TEACCH, whilst Jarna has all round knowledge of disability and the impact it has on families.

We established Entwined Consulting in 2017 to pack up our knowledge and experience and take our suitcase of passion into the big wide world, beyond the walls of classrooms and schools.