Our services at a glance

Professional Learning Workshops

We offer both full day and 1/2 day follow up Professional Learning workshops throughout the year.

Our workshops are designed for both Educators and Education assistants of a student/s with Autism and developmental disabilities in all settings.

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Education Support

Education Support is designed to support educators and/or support workers to problem solve concerns, seek clarity in understanding the unique needs of your individual/s, provide practical support and recommendations.   

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Ideally targeted at teachers, education assistants, support workers and carers who work with or support individuals with disabilities. 

Family Support

Families of a child with a developmental disability 

  • TEACCH structures and implementation in the home/family environment
  • How to implement TEACCH structures in the home/family unit

Empowering parents, caregivers and the extended family unit to confidently teach their child how the world works – parents are the child’s first teacher.

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Educational Guidance

Sometimes as teachers, education assistants, support workers or school administration teams you just want to sit down and have a chat about your student/s, client, teacher or needs of your individual's family with someone external to the situation and someone who can offer you professional guidance and advice based on many years of experience working in the field of disability education.  

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